Clear Aligner Treatment Plan For Misaligned Teeth, india

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Let us start your journey for beautiful dental smile?

It's A Simple 7 Step Dental Aligners Treatment Process

  • Give Your Details:

    You can fill in your contact details in the enquiry form, and we will contact you, or you can call our number. The customer care will get all your details like your name, age, chief complaint, place of stay, WhatsApp number etc.

  • Online Consultation:

    We will finalize a suitable time for you and our team for a free online consultation. During the online consultation, you will be asked about your expectation in regards to your teeth alignment. The team will analyze your teeth from different angles.

    We will explain an estimated cost, a tentative time duration for the entire treatment and payment methods to you in detail.

    We will answer all your queries during the online consultation.

    If you have questions/doubts after the online consultation, please contact us through mail/ phone call.

  • Schedule An Appointment:

    Once you have decided to start the journey toward a beautiful smile with us, Intimate us. We will schedule an appointment with the dental surgeon in your locality.

  • Visit The Dental Clinic:

    At your scheduled appointment time, visit the dental clinic where they will take x-rays, diagnostic records, cleaning of your teeth, photos of your teeth, either a 3D scan or an impression of your entire upper and lower teeth. They will send those records to us.

  • Video Simulation:

    A video simulation will be shared in whatsapp with you.

    A video simulation will enable you to get an idea of

     The end result.  The tooth movement at each stage.  Time duration and what result can be expected each month.  Any changes in design can also be done if you want.
  • Aligner Delivery:

    We will again schedule an appointment with the dental surgeon you had already visited. In this visit, you will be taught how to wear, remove and maintain an aligner.

    A box will be given to you which contains:

     All the aligners (each one in a separate box)  A tool kit  Instruction card  Cleaning solution  Date card
  • Continue Your Journey Till You Get Your Desired Smile:

    You will not be asked to visit the dental clinic during your treatment phase. We will monitor your progress either by

     Video consultation every month with the doctor  Pictures can be sent through mail/ WhatsApp every month