Transparent Braces Aligners Treatment Process, Tamil Nadu, India

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How Does Clear Aligners Treatment Process Work?

Kristelle Klear Aligners are custom-made transparent trays that cover only your teeth. You would get a certain number of trays which have to be periodically changed as advised. Each tray will move your teeth closer to the final desired position.

Orthodontic Treatment process with Clear Aligners

  • Once you have decided to start your journey towards a beautiful smile, a 3D scan or an impression is taken.

  • Our team in Kristelle Klear aligners, which consists of dental surgeons, design engineers, and technicians, will design your treatment plan using orthodontic software.

  • We will send a customized treatment plan in video format to you through WhatsApp.

  • After designing, 3 D models are manufactured using ours in-house 3D printers.

  • From the 3D models, aligners are manufactured using pressure and compression molding technique.

  • Each aligner is then trimmed, polished, sterilized and then packed to be dispatched.

Education video of how we design the treatment plan

Each aligners are then trimmed, polished , sterilized and then packed


3 D models are manufactured using our in house 3D printers

model 3d printer in kristelle klear aligners

How Does it work ?