Orthodontic Dental Treatment With Clear Aligners in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

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Kristelle Klear Aligners

Misaligned teeth treatment using Clear Aligners

teeth gap fixing in coimbatore

Midline Spacing

Midline spacing is a space or gap between the middle two teeth in front in upper jaw.

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Crowded Teeth Correction

Overcrowded Teeth

Crowding happens when there isn't enough space in the jaws for all of your teeth to fit.

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Clear Aligners Company in Coimbatore

Deep Bite Teeth

A deep bite occurs when the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth excessively.

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Invisible Aligners Coimbatore

Cross Bite Teeth

A crossbite is a tooth misalignment where upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth.

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Open Bite Teeth Correction in Tamil Nadu

Open Bite Teeth

Open bite occurs when your back teeth are closed & touch but your front teeth aren't.

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Proclined Teeth Correction Tamil Nadu

Proclined Teeth

Proclined teeth occurs when the upper and lower teeth being inclined forward.

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Teeth Space Fixing In Coimbatore

Generalized Gap Teeth

When there is a space between two teeth, it is known as generalized gap teeth (diastema).

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Teeth Straightening In Coimbatore

Abnormal Eruption

Abnormal eruption occurs when a tooth erupts from the gums in the wrong place.

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